Client Testimonials

The great virtue of Alistair’s presentation is that it is rooted in contemporary understanding and a certain comforting feeling that difficult things happen which , when thought through rationally , can be considered without over-statement but in a balanced reassuring way . Two rounds of interview practice saw a notable increase in confidence by all present , some of whom had been decidedly worried at the start of the day . Alistair’s  ability to draw the best from all participants was an outstanding part of a very valuable day’s training.

Jonathan Leigh, former Master of Marlborough College

A thoroughly useful day. No punches pulled. Very realistic. Lots of experience brought to bear. Excellent dialogue between tutor and trainees.

Barry Martin, former headmaster of Hampton School

Alistair’s extensive expertise and in-depth understanding of the media, combined with his excellent presentation and interpersonal skills enabled all involved to build an understanding of the key matters to prioritise, to trial their own media interactions in a range of real life scenario and to build their crisis management capacity. He left us with substantially enhanced skills and strategies as well as a significantly enhanced feeling of individual and collective confidence. All agreed that the day we spent with Alistair was informative, fun and professionally valuable.

Rod MacKinnon, former Headmaster of Bristol Grammar School

A superb presentation and workshop. Great fun and a whole new insight into the media. Your session evaluated particularly well – all thirty participants gave it full marks.

Dr Peter Barry, course director, UK Diploma in Mountain Medicine