Crisis News Management

Call immediately when things go wrong. It’s never at a time you would choose and you will need professional help. Any issues involving pupils or child protection attract immediate interest from reporters.

amtv has advised every type of school on issues as wide-ranging as school expedition accidents, student deaths, suicides, paedophile teachers, sex scandals, drugs, missing pupils, rogue parents and a host of other newsworthy stories. amtv will advise you on what to say and when, will ensure your news releases don’t say too much or too little and help craft statements to parents. amtv will also advise on the almost-evitable social media firestorm. Your school’s reputation depends on good advice.

Accidents on school expeditions, Duke of Edinburgh Award hikes, sporting trips and overseas cultural visits attract the most interest. The more remote the location or perceived danger of the activity, the more newsworthy the story becomes. In the rare event of a student death, media interest and speculation may last for months until long after an inquest. You may need intermittent support throughout this period and amtv can be on the end of the phone to help and advise you.