Crisis News Management Training

You probably have a crisis plan – but does it include the media? If it doesn’t, a minor crisis could become a major disaster for your school, institution or company.

The bad news is that we all like bad news. It’s human nature. The public loves death, disaster, sex scandals, duplicity, deception, floods, fire, pestilence. If these stories didn’t sell, publishers wouldn’t print them.

There have been three big changes in the media in the last 10 years:

  • The rise and rise of social media. This can spread news – true or fake – faster than traditional news feeds. This where today’s generation get their ‘news’.
  • News outlets have expanded – TV, radio, newspapers and magazines – and all have come together online.
  • Anyone with a smartphone can be a broadcaster and can live stream from pretty well anywhere. This is the age of the citizen journalist.

News is round-the-clock and instantaneous. If you don’t provide the facts, people will look for ‘the truth’ elsewhere. Your crisis can be worldwide news in seconds.

amtv will train your management team with realistic scenarios or test your disaster plan against media requirements. Our courses include:

  • What is news?
  • What are journalists looking for?
  • Crisis news management training
  • Managing the media appetite in a feeding frenzy
  • News release and media update writing

amtv welcomes overseas inquiries.