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amtv is a specialist training company. We help directors and senior managers in the private and public sectors to improve their communication skills.

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Crisis News Management

amtv will advise you on a strategy for handling the media when crisis strikes, help with media statements and work closely with your SMT.

Crisis News Management Training

amtv will train your management team with challenging but realistic scenarios and test your disaster plan against media requirements.

Media Training

amtv offers supportive training so you can face TV, radio and newspaper interviews with confidence and we can train your backroom staff to handle media calls.

Crisis News Management

Call immediately when things go wrong. It’s never at a time you would choose and you will need professional help. amtv has advised every type of school on issues as wide-ranging as school expedition accidents, student deaths, suicides, paedophile teachers, sex scandals, drugs, missing pupils, rogue parents and a host of other newsworthy stories. amtv will advise you on what to say and when, will ensure your news releases don’t say too much or too little and help craft statements to parents. Your school’s reputation depends on it.

Media Training and Media Awareness

You want a good media profile for your school, university or institution – but do you really understand the media? Do you know what a good new story really is? Or do you just want a wide swathe of staff to understand the media better? amtv runs short courses to help maximise your media profile and explain how to make the most of a good story.


A thoroughly useful day. No punches pulled. Very realistic. Lots of experience brought to bear. Excellent dialogue between tutor and trainees.

Barry Martin, former headmaster of Hampton School

A superb presentation and workshop. Great fun and a whole new insight into the media. Your session evaluated particularly well – all thirty participants gave it full marks.

Dr Peter Barry, course director, UK Diploma in Mountain Medicine

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