Client Testimonials

Media Training

 Probably the best workshop I have been on in a long time. Good pace, focused and with increasing challenge throughout the day.


 Over the years I have attended a number of media training events, but yours was definitely in a class of its own ... highly relevant ... also playful and inventive, which made the day good fun ... encouragement and caution were given in appropriate measure.

Head of Corporate Communications, Swiss Life

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 A very rewarding day…. Your tact, humour and general handling of the interviews made us all feel relaxed. Your examples of how to approach the difficult questions really showed us how easy it is.

Director of Communications, MyTravel

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 ... my sincere gratitude and thanks for the hard work and professionalism. From the organization and research through to execution it was outstanding ... the feedback could not be more positive.

Health Service Liaison Executive, AstraZeneca

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 Thanks for the superb training day ... thoroughly challenging and informative and most of all fun.

Chief Executive, NHS Trust

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 Practical advice, constructive criticism in a very supportive environment gave me confidence ... Alistair blends professionalism with amusing flair and keeps your attention.

NHS Trust

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 ... a superb presentation and workshop. Great fun and a whole new insight into the media. Your session evaluated particularly well - all thirteen participants gave it full marks.

Dr Peter Barry, UK Diploma in Mountain Medicine

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 The verbal feedback was very positive, you managed to make the sessions interesting and entertaining – it was the one part of the programme that everyone was talking about during dinner!

Mike Rosser, Jagged Globe Mountaineering Expeditions

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 Alistair Macdonald is very professional and is highly regarded by our clients, senior executives from Europe’s largest multi-national companies. His energy, enthusiasm and knowledge have added great value to our workshops and seminars.

Frank Hilton, Partner, Goldmann Partners SA (The Heinz Goldmann Foundation) of Geneva

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Presentation Training/Conference Chairing

 ... invaluable advice to all concerned at the rehearsal. Your contribution added the professional touch to the whole day’s events and helped to make the conference the tremendous success it was.

Donald Macdonald, Chief Executive, Macdonald Hotels plc

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 You did it again! Thank you, the feedback from having a chairman to host the conference has been wonderful.

UK Director of Sales, Jarvis Hotels

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 You were an incomparable Master of Ceremonies.

Lynn May, Director, North West Mental Health Media Awards

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 ... I was terrified to begin with. You so clearly dismissed all my fears and made it fun………certainly a better idea of what public speaking is all about.

Chairman, Thwaites Brewery

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 ... thought-provoking, informative yet fun at the same time. It is comforting to know that a professional speaker like you can help anyone overcome a trembling voice, knocking knees and project once unimagined confidence.

Tracy Barlow, 2b Marketing Ltd

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 ... a very entertaining seminar ... in all the years I have been attending courses / seminars of this nature, the one presented
by you was perhaps the most enjoyable ... and one of the most useful.

Lynne Nyikos, General Manager, ChemDry Charlie

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 The interest from the audience was obvious, and we all came away a lot better informed, as well as having had an enjoyable evening.

Chartered Management Institute

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 Brilliant! Lots of great tips ... on how to grow my business by word-of-mouth marketing ... of huge benefit to my business.

John Cooper, The IKON Partnership

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Public Speaking

 You were, by all accounts, the most popular and well-regarded speaker ever and some of your stories are still being recalled.

Lady Captain, Ringway Golf Club

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 I truly enjoyed your speech at the ProManchester meeting. It was one of the highlights of my trip to the UK.

Mark Jackson, CEO & Chairman, Moreson Conferencing, USA

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