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Microphones don’t bite – but most people are terrified of them. If you are, don’t worry – you’re normal.

The good news is that entertaining and informative speakers are rarely born. It takes years of practice. If you’re lost for words, don’t lose sleep over it – Churchill became one of the greatest public speakers of the last century, yet he didn’t start talking until he was four years old.

The secret of his success – like most successful speakers – was practice, practice, practice. Don’t give up if you don’t succeed every time. As Oscar Wilde said: ‘Our mistakes are what we later call experience.’

Even better news is that you really can be taught to become a better public speaker. No matter if your mouth is dry and your palms are sweaty as you stand before the microphone, training will put you on the road to becoming a good speaker. PowerPoint doesn’t win contracts, the speaker does. We focus on turning speakers into good story-tellers because facts tell but stories sell.

Whether you are preparing a conference presentation for other directors, speaking at a seminar, addressing a shareholders’ meeting or facing city analysts, we’ll help turn your presentation into a performance. We want you to be the speaker they remember…..but for the right reasons. Your share price may depend on it. We’ll even help you with that worrying after dinner speech.

amtv is always flexible in meeting the needs of its clients. Our workshops include:

Training can cost as little as £400. We offer strict confidentiality.

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