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Most of us have three great fears..

  a) Death by fire
  b) Death by drowning
  c) Addressing an audience

If C happens to be a television or radio audience then the fear is even greater. Yet the broadcast media is the greatest untapped asset at your disposal. An appearance on BBC TV’s 10 O’clock News will deliver an audience of around 8 million. Worldwide there could be ten times as many viewers. An interview on a BBC TV regional news programme can attract an audience of up to a million people.

All interviews should be seen as an opportunity.

Appearing on news or current affairs programmes can be a daunting prospect. It can also be a dangerous game and, like any game, it isn’t enough just to know the rules. You need training and practice too.

Get your message right and the world is your oyster; get it wrong and you risk doing a Gerald Ratner. Ratner, you will recall, made some ill-judged comments about his products at a televised conference and lost his jewellery empire overnight. But effective communication can be learned – just like any management skill.

amtv will offer you challenging but supportive training so you can handle TV, radio and newspaper interviews with confidence. We use real or realistic scenarios to suit your industry sector. Workshops can be run at your offices, at a hotel or a broadcast TV studio.

We only employ experienced broadcast and print journalists with crucial insider knowledge. We won’t teach you to dodge questions but to deliver your message and to tell the truth effectively. Our management workshops include:

Training can cost as little as £400. We offer strict confidentiality.

amtv welcomes overseas inquiries.