When words count ... count on amtv

amtv is a specialist training company. We help directors and senior managers in the private and public sectors to improve their communication skills.

Whether you are facing a TV or radio audience, newspaper journalists, a conference or shareholders’ meeting, addressing your customers, clients, suppliers or employees, effective communication is essential. Every appearance should be a performance. When words count ... count on amtv.

amtv offers you a range of experienced journalists, broadcasters and professional speakers to provide the training you need. We run workshops in:

The ability to handle television & radio interviews or address a conference is an essential management skill. A good public profile is a very effective marketing and sales tool for your company or organisation. But this depends on good communication skills and the key is training.

amtv can provide you with a skilled chairperson or speaker for your corporate events. We also work with associates who are experienced team builders and public relations professionals.

We have clients throughout Europe and work in association with other media specialists who operate in the Far East, Australia and on the Pacific rim.

Training can cost as little as £400. We offer strict confidentiality

amtv welcomes overseas inquiries.